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About The WallGallery

The Wall Gallery is a gallery of artwork by Artist and Photographer Kirt Tisdale. With a wide variety to choose from, they are grouped into various galleries: Inspirational Bible Verses, Inspirational Prayers, Abstract, Black and White Photography, Black and White Sketches, Cityscapes,  Color Photography, Floral / Still Life, Gardens, Hot Air Balloons, Landscapes, Lighthouses, Sepia Prints, Street Scenes/People and Tropical.

The Inspiration Bible Verse Gallery: A group of Kirt's art prints with an overlay of an inspirational message. The messages are Bible Verses (book, chapter, verse and version stated).

The Inspiration Prayer Gallery: A group of Kirt's art prints with an overlay of an inspirational message. The message is Kirt's personal prayer or thought.

The Abstract Gallery: Abstract art is an expression of shapes and colors. Perfect for contemporary decors.

The Architectural Elements Gallery: The architecture of mankind is all around us from ancient ruins to modern cities. I have tried to capture some of the most interesting aspects of architectural elements using a variety of techniques and methods for these art prints. 

The Black and White Photography Gallery:  A series of photographs from Kirt's portfolio focusing on a variety of elements where the use of black and white photography compliments the subject.

The Black and White Sketches Gallery: A series of art prints where I have used sketching techniques to create a variety of scenes and subjects where the lack of color allows a focus on the subject matter. 

The Cityscapes Gallery: This gallery is very urban in the subject matter depicted, again I used a variety of techniques to create these prints.

The Color Photography Gallery: This gallery represents some of my best photographic endeavors to create art prints worthy of framing and hanging on a wall. 

The Floral/Still Life Gallery: This gallery presents the beauty of flowers and the uniqueness of still life settings using various artistic styles and techniques. 

The Gardens Gallery: This gallery encompasses a variety of art prints centered around the theme of gardens.

The Hot Air Balloons Gallery: This gallery focuses on the beauty of the hot air balloon depicted with photography and various techniques creating watercolor and oil looking art print. 

The Landscape Gallery: This gallery offers a variety of styles focusing on the beauty of nature in the great outdoors. 

The Lighthouse / Nautical Gallery: Using a variety of techniques, this gallery depicts various lighthouses and nautical scenes.

Sepia Gallery:  This gallery contains an assortment of prints done in a sepia tone for that old, historic and rustic look.

The Street Scenes/People Gallery: The art prints in this gallery depict typical streets and people that I created using a variety of techniques. 

The Tropical Gallery: These art prints depict tropical settings from ocean sunsets to tropical foliage and a variety of elements in between. 

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